About Trilasoft

TrilaSoft is a software development company specializing in building systems for the transport, warehousing and relocation service industries. Consumers and corporations spend in excess of $100 billion annually on moving and relocation services.

The industry is currently fragmented with few companies casting a truly global footprint. The industry is mostly made up of small to midsize entrepreneurial local businesses which cooperate together to deliver door to door services in loose ad hoc relationships. Due to this “agent to agent” system, most moving and relocation service companies do not operate standardized software and although the business relies on the cooperation of overseas partners in order to complete a service delivery; their systems are disparate and disconnected.

The industry, therefore, suffers from inefficiency and is not able to take advantage of modern technology as each local business cannot afford to make the investment required to create a connected system. This inefficiency extends to each party involved in the relocation not only the service providers involved but also to the relocating customer and corporate accounts who sponsor these moves.

TrilaSoft the opportunity to revolutionalize the relocation industry by creating a standardized software platform that will address all the sales, operational, financial and reporting requirements of a local service provider. While standardization is important for an international system, the ability to customize the software to accommodate local requirements is a built in functionality.

The creation of this efficient, standardized operating system in itself would open up a market for sales of this software to thousands of companies. However, the strategists of TrilaSoft seek to build a system that will automatically connect all the parties in a relocation enterprise into a single digital file providing them seamless, password controlled, real time information to all the relevant details of a customer relocation. Using web browser based technology; the system requires no software installation. Users need only an internet connection and access to a modern web browser in order to access the system. Read more about this system which TrilaSoft has code named RedSky.

The fragmented nature of the industry provides a tremendous opportunity to consolidate functions and increase efficiency through aggregated volume. However, this requires a seamless, standardized, networked digital system. The projects related to integrating consolidated pricing, forwarding, global sales, global marketing, customs EDI, and client connectivity represent tremendous growth opportunities for TrilaSoft.

Opportunities also exist to integrate related services thereby exponentially increasing the potential markets for TrilaSoft software. Related services include logistics, warehousing, offsite document management services, fine arts transport and storage, and exhibition transport.

On the international side, relocation services open up a broad range of services from arranging work permits, home search, orientation and settling in services, tenancy management and even payroll management.

The directors of TrilaSoft have extensive experience in the two key industries that converge to create these new opportunities, the moving industry and the software development industry. The company is not only well capitalized; it has signed contracts from several of the moving industry’s leading firms to fund the ongoing development of RedSky.